Meet Manda

Honey Jar BeekeeperManda McPhee loves her bees! Her intrigue and fascination with the little creatures has been growing over the last 10 years, when she caught her first glimpse inside a beehive. She enjoys beee-ing in nature with all her girls as they dance in the air and kiss the many different wild flowers in the forest.

Nurturing the bees is Manda’s top priority. Using only natural beekeeping practices she handles the bees with love & care as she extracts honey from her Kauai hives, located in several parts of the island. She hopes that you will enjoy the raw Kauai honey as much as she does.

McPhee’s Bees Honey is packaged in glass… with LOVE!  Not only is glass much better for the taste and integrity of the honey, but it can easily be re-used or recycled.

If you live in the Kapaa area and you would like to return used honey jars (for the LOVE of the Aina) please contact us via email. Mahalo for your contribution to sustainability of the aina with your purchase of McPhee’s Bees honey keeping plastic out of our landfills one bottle at a time.


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