Meet Manda

Manda McPhee nurtures her Kaua’i honeybees, facilitating healthy bee colonies and providing honey and bee products.

She enjoys beee-ing in nature with all her girls as they dance in the air and kiss the many different wildflowers in the forest.


I’m Manda McPhee, owner, and woman behind the veil of McPhee’s Bees. I am a sunflower-loving, Kansas native, turned island girl. 

My excitement for honeybees was first sparked in 2003 upon my first peek into a beehive, which led my journey into beekeeping. 

Since that day, my deep love & admiration for honeybees has expanded, as well as my bee colonies!  I am dedicated to raising healthy honeybee populations on the Garden Island of Kauai, managing approx 60-70 colonies in my East-North shore apiaries. 

I nurture the bees with all-natural, chemical-free practices, creating the purest and organic honey, and happy healthy bees! 

I am an environmentalist at my core and am committed to sustainable practices both in business and in my personal everyday living. 

When I’m not buzzing with the bees, I adore spending time in nature with my ohana, taking hikes, picking shells (and removing trash!) on the beach, singing around a campfire, and living my best life! 


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